What is Honeybee Capital Foundation?

Our work is rooted in the premise that investing helps to shape our world, and in the recognition that we all are investors - of our time, our energy, and our resources. We believe that investing is both art and science, so Honeybee Capital Foundation is dedicated to relevant and rewarding cross-pollination of ideas. Our written work and book lists highlight wisdom from a wide range of disciplines, and our giving program supports nonprofit organizations that inspire and inform.

What We Believe

We believe that investing is inherently a hopeful activity, and that hope is the highest form of strength in a cynical world. We rely on wisdom from natural systems and spiritual traditions to reconnect investing with purpose that goes beyond simple utility, creating a regenerative economy and supporting resilient communities.

How We Operate

Our operating model is simple: in our blog and on this site, we share resources that have been helpful to our own work; and through our giving program we support organizations that align with the key themes of (re)thinking, (re)investing, and (re)generation.
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